About Wickedest Ting

Jamakabi teams up with D Double E for new release Wickedest Ting

Two grime greats come together for a new underground anthem. Those who have followed grime from its inception will be familiar with the name Jamakabi, who is a former member of the legendary Roll Deep Crew. So, grime fans will be ecstatic to hear that Jamakabi has teamed up with another respected grime figurehead D Double E. The two who both hail from East London, come together for new track Wickedest Ting.

With its menacing beat produced by Chimpo, Wickedest Ting will have you bopping your head. The chemistry between Jamakabi and D Double E is evident, and both of them gel together as they exchange witty bars. Wickedest Ting will not only please Jamakabi’s current fans but will help to garner new fans as grime enjoys a resurgence in popularity.

Release Date: 29-06-2018

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