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Know Who We Are

by Villain

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Release Date: 16-11-2018

British-Gambian grime MC Villain continues to show his consistency with new release 

“Know Who We Are”. Following up from his latest single “Late”, Villain continues to put out new music with the radio friendly “Know Who We Are”.

Villain has always stood out in the grime scene for his aggressive flow but he displays a more light-hearted side with “Know Who We Are”.  The track has a catchy hook, and the production by Ghosty makes this the perfect song for the radio and the clubs. Villz shows off his cheeky charm, as the song is about how he approaches an attractive woman and insists that her and her friends know who he is.

Know Who We Are” is the latest release from Villain, as he has started off this year strong with songs such as Roll With Rhythm and Late making an impact in the underground scene. 

Lyrics by Villain

Produced by Ghosty

Mix and Master by Ghosty

Artwork by KS

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