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Bruza - Pick It Up

by Bruza X Silencer

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Release Date: 12-02-2021

Bruza picks it up from where he left of with monster new track

Teaming up with Top Don Grime Producer Silencer, Bruza jumps straight back into the ring with new release “Pick It Up”.

Holding no punches, Bruza puts the world to rights and tells his story using cheeky, punchy lyrics that are sure to get you skanking and shouting “Have some of that”.
“Pick It up” is catchy, clever and heavy all at the same time. 

If you love your grime then be sure to check this one out straight away. 
This track is pure madness from start to finish, leaving you punch drunk and ready for more.


“Bruza’s sound is huge with dazzling in your face mic flows rich in London street culture.” Cannonball PR

Lyrics by Bruza

Produced by Silencer

Mix by Silencer

Master by Joker

Artwork by MK Designs

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