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Jamakabi - Wickedest Ting (Feat. D Double E).mp3 mp3
Jamakabi - Wickedest Ting (Feat. D Double E) (Radio).mp3 mp3
Jamakabi - Wickedest Ting (Feat. D Double E).wav wav
Jamakabi - Wickedest Ting (Feat. D Double E) (Radio).wav wav

Wickedest Ting

Grime classic from legends Jamakabi, D Double E & Chimpo

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Release Date: 20-04-2019

Jamakabi releases Wickedest Ting EP remix

Last summer, Jamakabi linked up with fellow legendary grime MC D Double E for “Wickedest Ting.” It’s no surprise that two grime greats teaming up together for a track made a huge impact. The song has currently racked up over a 100,000 plays on Spotify and Jamakabi is now releasing  “Wickedest Ting EP”.

The “Wickedest Ting EP” is six tracks long and has two vocal remixes, three production remixes and one instrumental of the original track. The first track on the EP is All-Star Remix which features Footsie, Big Narstie, Devilman and OG Rootz (formerly known as Durrty Goodz). The remix is a showcase of respected grime talent.

For the production remixes, Nat Powers supplies the Trap Remix and Truth is in charge of the Dubstep Remix.  “Wickedest Ting EP” also sees the song going international with the UK BG remix. On the UK BG remix, UK MCs Villain and Irish Paddy team up with Bulgarian artist Jahmmi.

The six track long “Wickedest Ting EP” proves the versatility of the track and the longevity of the song. Wickedest Ting can only get bigger as an anthem, so make sure to listen to the EP.

1 - Jamakabi - Wickedest Ting All-Star Remix - ft OG Rootz, Footsie, Big Narstie & Devilman
2 - Jamakabi - Wickedest Ting ft D Double E (Nat Powers Remix)
3 - Jamakabi - Wickedest Ting ft D Double E (Truth Remix)
4 - Jamakabi - Wickedest Ting UK2BG Remix ft Villain, Irish Paddy and Jahmmi
5 - Jamakabi - Wickedest Ting ft D Double E (Ghosty Amen Remix)
6 - Jamakabi - Wickedest Ting Instrumental (Produced by Chimpo)
Mix and Master Ghosty
Artwork by KS Media

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