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Wickedest Ting (Sammy Porter Remix)

Sammy Porter gives this grime classic a house work over

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Release Date: 09-11-2018

Sammy Porter Remixes Jamakabi and D Double E’s Wickedest Ting

In summer, grime greats Jamakabi and D Double E teamed up for “Wickedest Ting”. As both are respected figures in the grime scene, it’s no surprise that the collaboration has been well received. Currently, “Wickedest Ting” has over 92,000 Spotify plays. As the song is generating hype, DJ and producer Sammy Porter has now given it a house remix.

The house remix of Wickedest Ting still retains its grime essence whilst taking on a radio-friendly electronic music sound.  The new house remix will help to expand the reach of Wickedest Ting, as Sammy Porter is a popular name in house music. “Wickedest Ting” (House Remix) is guaranteed to be a new favourite in the clubs.

Lyrics by Jamakabi and D Double E

Produced by Sammy Porter

Artwork by O'Green

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