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I need ya - Clip C - Ghosty Remix.mp3 mp3
I need ya - Clip C - Ghosty Remix_Radio Edit.mp3 mp3

I Need Ya (Amnesia) Ghosty DNB Remix

Rolling DnB remix from Ghosty

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Release Date: 05-12-2018

Ghosty's DnB remix of Clip C's Amnesia

RR is proud to present Ghosty's remix of Clip C's Amnesia. Ghosty takes a break from his usual jungle influenced style to deliver a smooth liquid dnb track to compliment clip c & Tokyo Kush's unique vocals.  Snappy drums back up the heavy, slow subs, warm ambience and layered vocals - a perfect combination for both the dance floor and radio.

Produced by Ghosty

Lyrics by Clip C and Taymah Hendi

Mix and Master by Ghosty

Artwork by KS

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