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Jingle Bells

Clip C offers an alternative to the seasonal classic

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Release Date: 14-12-2018

Clip C gets into the Christmas spirit with new track “Jingle Bells”

This year, dancehall artist Clip C made an impact with his track “I Need Ya (Amnesia)”, that was the perfect song for the summer. As the festive season is in full swing, Clip C has returned with a Christmas track entitled “Jingle Bells”.  “Jingle Bells”is not your typical Christmas song, as Clip C puts his own unique spin on it. “Jingle Bells” is flirty and cheeky and needs to be added to your Christmas playlist this year!

With a strong Jamaican fanbase, Clip C is establishing himself as one of the most exciting and authentic based UK dancehall acts. “Jingle Bells” sees Clip C getting into the Christmas spirit, but staying true to himself by adding a sensual dancehall flavour to the song.


Lyrics by Clip C

Produced by PrimeTime

Mastered by Ghosty

Artwork by Kreateseeds

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