About Distribution

Digital Distribution

Take your music to the next level!!

All Major Stores. Worldwide Digital Distribution.

Deliver your music to Spotify, iTunes, Tik Tok, Amazon and many more!

  • From just £35 annually
  • Only one simple payment per year to use our distribution service, no added charges.
  • Distribute to all major DSP’s
  • We make sure your content is delivered in prompt fashion to all the major stores.
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Upload as many times as you like. If you create it, we will distribute it.
  • Own your masters & keep 100% of the royalties
  • Never be in doubt, you are the boss and own everything.
  • YouTube Content ID
  • Earn from your music being used in 3rd party youtube videos.
  • Select Tik Tok Start Time
  • Select the time you want your music to start when used on Tik Tok.
  • Sales Data & Analytics
  • View your full sales data and analytics as standard from your online RR distribution account.
  • Express Payout
  • No need to draw this out, if you have reached your payment threshold and want to get paid, we will execute the payment typically within 48 hours of receiving the request.
  • Compliations
  • We don't charge extra for this, why would we? Compilations as standard, as you were.
  • Appointed RREP
  • If you want to speak to someone you can speak to someone. Everyone gets appointed a RREP, it's up to you how much you utilize their experience. These are your industry guides, treat them well.

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Physical Distribution

Dont let posting out merch get in the way of your creativity. Let us take care of the hassle of purchasing fulfilment. When a sale comes in we will post it straight out for you with our in house physical distribution service.

  • Deliver you products stress free with our in house physical distribution service
  • Worldwide delivery
  • All orders tracked
  • Professional Packaging to ensure items arrive in perfect condition
  • Add sticker/flyer bundles
  • Fee - just 10% of the order value

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