Rhythm Rollers Artist Partnership Programme.

Created to empower independent musicians and labels with a complete range of products and services to produce the ROI needed in order to fulfill the ambitions of today's talented generation of creatives.

It can be a daunting task navigating the music industry, whether it's sourcing the right creatives to design your new music video, building your fan base or just getting your music in the hands of the right people can seem an uphill battle at times for most independent artists. Just know this, you are not alone!

To make the process a whole lot easier we have collated a full range of products & services to help any artist & label at any stage of their journey in order to maximise their profitability.

Underpinning our services will be our dedicated team of RREP’s


Your own dedicated point of contact at Rhythm Rollers to call your own.

They will guide through best practices to ensure your campaigns
are on point and deliver to target.


From distribution to tech, product design to marketing, we have you covered!

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