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Law of Attraction

What started out as freestyle turned into one of Realz’s most requested lyrics after he released a short video clip of himself spitting the first verse of ‘Law of Attraction’ on Twitter. 127k views later and here we are.

After the success of his last release ‘Everything Live’ with garage super producers ‘Star One’, Realz has come back with a grittier sound, reflecting on his last few years in the game.

“I ain’t gonna be around no energy that I don’t like and just stand and screw them.
It’s gonna be a wah gwan g - man heard you was on me what is it true then?”

2019 saw Realz go on his first national tour supporting Ghetts, holding his first headline show, performing at the Great Escape festival in Brighton, as well becoming an advocate for mental health, uplifting the next generation of young people from East London and beyond.

At the tail end of 2019, Realz was invited to go to Scotland as part of the ‘Million Minds Tour’ as the mental health organisation attempted to take back their world record by hosting and giving the world’s largest mental health lesson to over 3000 young people.

Never has Realz been more fired up and hungry than he is now. 2020 feels like a pivotal year for Realz and his career. It’s time to start manifesting what he’s due and putting the Laws of Attraction to work.

Release Date: 24-01-2020

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Rhythm Rollers - Realz - Law of Attraction

Lyrics by Realz

Produced by Ace Of Spades & Atu

Artwork by Realz

Mix and mastered by G.Tank