About Get Set EP

Forget what you thought you knew about Realz and Get Set to join him as he takes everything to the next level! Following on from his 2018 debut EP ‘On Your Marks’ Realz shows his artistic maturity and delivers his most complete project to date with his 2nd ‘Ep‘Get Set’

The 7 track project showcases Realz song writing and artistic flare as he effortlessly skips between rap and melodic rap while at the same time delivering his signature hard hitting lyrics and catchy hooks.

With production credits from the likes of Zeph Ellis and Dwayne Patrick as well as features with Geovarn and SNE ‘Get Set’ has something for everyone.

By focusing on his ever growing fan base Realz has found his true voice, which has helped him to push and elevate his talent, something which is reflected by the quarter of a million + streams he has received on Spotify to date and has made fans out of his peers, including the likes of Wiley, Skepta, Frisco and Mike Skinner who have all tipped Realz for big things.

Putting in some serious groundwork through his own releases, emcee battles and various head turning, high profile freestyles, Realz has subsequently earned serious support and kudos from gatekeepers such as DJ Target, Logan Sama, Sian Anderson and Tim Westwood, all championing his sound. If 2018 was the year that saw Realz Get Set, 2019 will see him GO!

Release Date: 04-01-2019

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Latest Pics

Rhythm Rollers - Realz - Get Set EP

Artwork by Tune Wrap

Mixed by GTank

Mastered by Ghosty



Produced by Ace of Spades & Attu

Lyrics by Realz & Geovarn

U & I

Lyrics by Realz and M-Fly

Produced by M-FLy


Produced by Seren Cassa

Lyrics by Realz

Right Now

Produced by Zeph Ellis

Lyrics by Realz

Got To Be

Produced by Dwayne Patrick

Lyrics by Realz & SNE

On you

Produced by Ace of Spades and Attu

Lyrics by Realz & Danzey

Turn up

Produced by Flayva

Lyrics by Realz & Flayva