About Lacazette


Villain links up with veteran grime producer Maniac for brand new release, “Lacazette” and these guys are not messing around. The beat, and the baseline for that matter, offer up exactly what you would hope and expect from a Maniac produced track. Its catchy and devastatingly heavy at the same time!

Villain hits the beat hard from the start and does not let up for a moment. Showing serious skill in his delivery, villain really is starting to find his rhythm.

Also calling on Reece West for the last verse adds another great dimension to this track and although not an all an out footy track it will have you shouting “ Bloodclart zette” at the top of your voice.

Finnaly shout out to Troopz on this one for coining the phrase #Bloodclartzette

This ones for the grime heads!!

Release Date: 25-09-2020



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Rhythm Rollers - Lacazette | Villain

Lyrics by Villain & Reece West

Produced by Maniac

Mix and Master by Ghosty

Artwork by Mitchell Bennett