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Our story began back in 2015 with our first release "Bad Bassline" by the late, great, Stormin MC(RIP) which also featured legendary garage MC, MC Neat.
Based out of Hackney London, we are fully independent, with the sole ambition to deliver the very highest quality music, directly to the people.

2015-2019 saw us work with some of the UK's most talented artists such as Ghetts, Big Narstie, D Double E, Jamakabi, Footsie, Che Lingo, Devilman and Stickz to name just a few as well as production credits from heavy weight producers Chimpo, The Heavy Trackerz, Maniac, Silencer, Sammy Porter, Star.One, Coki, Kromestar, Sukh Knight, Lewi B plus many more.

Not bound by any one genre and with a clear vision to champion sounds otherwise overlooked by the mainstream, has seen us release various underground hits such as 2018's grime anthem "Wickedest Ting" as well as Stormin's legendary "Buss It", revered and loved by drum and bass ravers all over the world!!

With momentum building we hit the road in 2019 for a string of live events. First teaming up with the mighty Outlook Festival, hosting 2 launch parties for the legendary festival promoter in Bristol and Brighton simultaneously on the same night. Next up we were invited by the University of East Anglia to host their annual freshers ball to a sell out 3,500 audience. (5000 people turned up, sorry to those who didn't get in:(

Finally we rounded off the year with a 9 date tour of Australia & New Zealand with grime dons Sir Spyro, Footsie & Jamakabi. To be able to take our sound to the other side of the world was truly something special for us and an experience that will live long in the memory as a pivotal moment in our development. Shouts out to everyone, we will be back soon!!
Having just released "Steppers EP", 2020 began with huge excitement for the year ahead, unfortunately the powers that be had other plans……..

2020 will definitely be a year to forget, with the creative industry decimated and with no light seemingly at the end of the tunnel for most of it, inevitably tough decisions had to be made by everyone involved in the music industry.

With Lockdown kicking in across the world, live gigs disappeared over night and with it, a much needed revenue stream for artists, however big or small this hit everyone hard!!
While a lot of artists/labels increased their output (in some cases, to great effect) we chose to take a step back and take stock of what we had achieved in our first 5 years, evaluated what we did well, as well as the areas we could improve on, to ensure when lockdown was over we were ready to kick on and add further value to an ever so Great British export, the British music industry.

During this time we worked alongside Studio 55 on Grime OG Footsie's album "No Favours" (arguably 2020's grime album of the year!!).

Over the course of the project we soon realised the tech capabilities we had built in house should not be kept to a select few, instead be opened up to benefit everyone that has the talent and drive to build their own business/brand out right.

Roll onto 2021 and we are proud to bring you, Rhythm Rollers Artist Partnership Program(RRAPP).

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Rhythm Rollers - History

Legendary fact:
Stormin came up with the name Rhythm Rollers!