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About Man'a Come in Like

Villz, aka Villain, drops his new nuke of a record ‘Man’a Come In Like’.

One of the grime scene’s rising stars,Villz packs a high-energy punch topped with some raw and vigorous vocals on a murky, guttural bassline that is provided by Heckz.

Having made a name for himself on the battle circuit via his inclusion on the infamous Lord of the Mics 6 and subsequently via Don’t Flop, Villz has continued to rise from the real roots of grime, gaining a wealth ofsupporters and experience, enabling him to become the seasoned emcee he is today.

Throughout 2016 Villz has been found on the mic at every key grime event and radio show. The year started with Villz shutting it down at Eskimo Dance after being asked to perform by grime scene veterans Ruff Sqwad and subsequently joined a number of other Eskimo Dance dates throughout the UK, seeing him perform alongside Wiley, Chip, Solo 45 and P Money.

He has since hopped on the mic at Rinse FM’s seminal grime show hosted by Sir Spyro, supported Kahn & Neek in Bristol, shut down ‘The Den’ and found the time to drop a number of videos online, including via SBTV with Realz and Link Up TV with Safone, Cadet,
Prez T & Hitman.

Coming like a lyrical ball of energy and a man that is definitely not scared to get his hands dirty in the real grit and grime, Villz shows exactly how this ‘Man’a Come In Like’.

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Release Date: 02-12-2016

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Rhythm Rollers - Man'a Come in Like

Produced by Heckz

Lyrics by Villz

Cuts by Mr Wonderful

Mix and Mastered by Ghosty

Video by Dman and Capes

Artwork by Aaron Caustin

Cartoon design by Caveman