About Bad Bassline

Needing no introduction, the Londoner is a major name in the UK dnb scene, having captured the attention of many once again more recently, while embarking on tour with his Drum & Bass collective SASASAS.

Today’s attention however is turned to Stormin’s new single “Bad Bassline”, which features the ever-enigmatic MC NEAT. Merging sounds of UKG, House, Drum & Bass and Grime, the single tells the story of how emcees have transformed since the Pure Garage days of the 90s.

Today, most emcees are modern day storytellers in their own right, and Stormin’s latest single is testimony to that. 

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Rhythm Rollers - Bad Bassline - Stormin & MC Neat

Produced by Morphius

Lyrics by Stormin and MC Neat

Artwork by Traumatik

Video by Camereye Digital