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Jamakabi (Seen)


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Rhythm Rollers Release - Composition by C.Roots, BigMoviee & GManSlewdem
Rhythm Rollers Release - Lost N Found Villain X K9
Rhythm Rollers Release - Let the evil in by BigMoviee & GManSlewdem
Rhythm Rollers Release - Villain - Sike by Villain
Rhythm Rollers Release - My Life By BigMoviee x Gman Slewdem x C.Roots
Rhythm Rollers Release - It Is What It Is (Freestyle) By BigMoviee
Rhythm Rollers Release - Bruza - Deal Wiv It  By Bruza
Rhythm Rollers Release - Krueger Street By BigMoviee x HissGuyy
Rhythm Rollers Release - Needing Getting By Bongo Flex

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@ Grime Originals

Footsie - W.A.D (Work All...

As heard in the new IPhone 13 advert

Deal Wiv It

by Bruza

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