About Shayper

Ryan, aka Shayper, has been enamoured by the drum and bass scene from an early age.

Growing up listening to Fabio & Grooverider on Radio 1, searching day to day for brand new tunes and immersing himself in the scene gave him the passion to start producing at 16. Having honed his craft he now produces a 360 spectrum of tunes on a regular basis, from dirty jump up through liquid rollers all the way to dark neurofunk. His first release, Construct, had an incredible response with big names such as Nostalgia, Envenom and others supporting. With a resedency on the multi award winning Rough Tempo Radio he has now decided to move on to producing full time, with a contract on Disjointed Textures Audio, and now also with Rhythm Rollers he is set to take the scene by storm.


Shayper Drum and Bass

Rhythm Rollers - Shayper

With a unique style of clean, crisp production combined with destructed, aggressive synths he will get you hooked and throw you into the deep end.